“A bittersweet fusion of torture and pleasure”



You have always dreamed of surrender yourself to a breath taking beauty?

My natural intuition and my instinct for your secret desires will make you beg to become a tiny part of my world. Your craving is my pleasure. Together we will reveal your very special preferences.

My multifarious range from classic domination to more bizarre fetishes will make your most adventurous dreams come true!

Your humility, your shame, and your pain will make my eyes sparkle like diamonds and inspire our play.

Against my nature are practise related to KV, vomit, and nursing. There will never be sexually intimate contact in any form.

My sublime art of domination will capture your imagination for all eternity and make you forget space and time. While we play you will experience me as your authentic, passionate and consequent Mistress.

I rule over my slaves with all their phantasies and most arousing yearnings with a quiet voice. My vigorous character will gently be on your side while discovering the paths of your daring dreams, till we reach your limits and define our own.

Playing with your pain, lust and devotion provides me with the greatest satisfaction!